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Desserts made WITHOUT top 10 major allergens

Our mission at EmyD's is to provide mouth watering, tasty desserts and snacks that EVERYONE can enjoy! All our products are made WITHOUT the top major allergens (soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, corn, or sesame). They are 100% vegan and have no artificial colors, preservatives or refined sugars. Only sweetened with raw agave and pure maple syrup.

Our mission is to have no child left behind! Everyone should feel safe when eating! No matter if you have a food allergy or a different life style (such as vegan or gluten free) you should have tasty, healthy options.

The Fudge cups... Delicious! It was really satisfying, and I felt great knowing it wasn't full of refined sugar.

Erin C.

Emy is amazing and so are her desserts

Ellie D.

I wish I'd bought EVERYTHING she makes

...Unique desserts... Great for children

Margaret M.

Absolutely delicious vegan treats! Her desserts are for any sweet tooth. Highly recommend!

Ariel H.

I have only tried the brownie fudge so far, but it is Awesome!

Gayle C.

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